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1ZBD High-pressure self-priming pump

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1ZBD High-pressure self-priming pump


Product overview:

Intelligent self-priming pump (referred to as electric pump), mainly by the motor,water pump, sealing three parts.The motor is an asynchronous motor, the impeller structure is vortexhigher head can be obtained,the electric pump is radial suction, with self-absorption functionthe pump and motor are equipped with a single-ended mechanical seal, the rotating gear ring on the shaft plays an auxiliary role in dumping,isolation, fixed stop seal using "O"-shaped rubber seal as a static seal.

Product use:

The series of electric pump material is excellenthigh-precision pump headcompact structure, easy to install,is an energy-efficienthygienicsafe ideal home electric pumpwidely used in farmland irrigation,irrigation, garden irrigationvegetable shed water supply and aquaculture water supply and drainage, well water tap water and other household water use.

Conditions of use:

The electric pump should work continuously under the following conditions of use;

1.the transport medium temperature does not exceed 0-100 degrees C;

2.the MEDIA PH value between 6.5-8.5;

3.solid impurities volume ratio does not exceed 0.1%,particle size is not greater than 0.2 mm;

4.the power supply frequency is 50Hz, the voltage is single-phase AC 220V,three-phase Ao380V. Voltage fluctuations range from 0.9-1.1 times the rating;

5.when the temperature is below 0 degrees C,should do of antifreeze work, when not using need open the bottom of the pump body waterproof screws, drain the pump body water, protecting from freezing the pump body;

Note:Automatic before use. It is important to ensure that the tube is not leaking.


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