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Qj deep well pump installation cast iron qj deep well pump

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The installation steps of QJ deep well pump drainage are three steps of drilling well, well pipe installation and QJ deep well pump installation, and then detailed introduction is given.

     Drilling well

        1QJ deep well pump drainage, drilling wells are generally drilled with impact drill mud. In the relatively dense gravel layer with small gravel diameter or the gravel layer with cohesive soil, it can also be drilled with clear water.

        2 The diameter of the final hole of the well should be determined according to the diameter of the well pipe and the type of aquifer: in the gravel and coarse sand layer, the diameter of the final hole should be 150mm larger than the outer diameter of the well pipe; in the middle and fine sand layers, it should be greater than 200mm.

        3 Well hole should be round and vertical, and the depth deviation should not exceed 20cm. When it is too deep, sand gravel should be used for filling.

        4 During the sinking process, relevant hydrogeological data should be recorded. The aquifer can be sampled every 2 m, and the non-aqueous layer can be sampled every 3 m.

      2. Well pipe installation

        1 Well pipe should be free of defects, breakage and bending, the pipe clamp should be no damage, and the thread should be completely matched.

        2 The porosity of the filter tube is generally 30%-35% when using steel pipes. The winding distance can be 1.5-2.5mm. The filter tube wrapped wire should be ribbed, so that the gap between the wrapped wire and the well pipe is greater than 3mm.

        3 The lower end of the filter tube should be equipped with a grit tube, and its length can generally be 1-2m.

        4 Using the mud hole of the mud wall drilling, before installing the well pipe, the thick mud at the bottom of the hole should be cleaned first, and clean water should be added to adjust the specific gravity of the mud.

        5 Well pipe should be installed in the center of the wellbore, and should be as vertical as possible to ensure that the QJ deep well pump can work normally.

        The filter material should be filled outside the 6 well pipe. When filling the filter material, the wellhead should be closed and evenly filled from the outside of the well pipe. The filter material filling height should be 0.5-0.7m higher than the aquifer. If it is found that the quantity and depth of filling are larger than planned, the cause should be found immediately and processed before it can be filled in. Above the filter material to the ground, the soil can be filled nearby, but the fine sand should not be filled.

        7 Wash the well in time after filling in the filter material. Generally, after cleaning the mud in the hole with a suction drum, the well is first washed with a piston, and then the well is washed with an air compressor.

      3.QJ deep well pump installation

       The 1QJ deep well pump base can be made of steel, square or concrete, and the base should be installed horizontally.

       Installation of 2QJ deep well pump. Generally, the working part of the pump should be below 0.5m of the moving water level, and the filter screen of the pump should be more than 1.5m from the bottom of the well.

       3 When installing a water pipe, you must check whether the drive shaft is centered. If it is not centered, it must be adjusted. The joint bolts of the water pipe joint must be evenly symmetrical and also tightened.

       4 When installing the motor, the drive shaft must be centered in the hollow shaft of the motor.

       After the 5QJ deep well pump is installed, it should be tested and the water output should be observed if necessary.


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