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Why do you need to install an automatic controller when using a stainless steel deep well pump?

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Due to the high lift of the stainless steel deep well pump, the number of impeller stages is relatively large, and it is mostly used for small diameter deep wells.

Equipped with automatic controller can effectively prevent

Deep well pump motor burned due to lack of phase, overload, undervoltage, blockage, etc.

Moreover, the controller also has a water-free protection function. When the downhole water is not enough pumping, the controller automatically stops the operation of the stainless steel deep well pump, thereby protecting the water pump, and can also realize the automatic control of the liquid level, the pressure and the floating ball.

Le frog stainless steel deep well pump:

1. All over-current components are made of stainless steel to avoid contamination of well water, pollution-free and corrosion-resistant;

2, built-in check valve can effectively prevent the water hammer from damaging the pump when the motor is stopped.

3. Precision-machined stainless steel allows the pump to maintain good performance under high pressure.

4. The all-stainless sand filter net can prevent sand or large particles from entering the pump body.


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