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Zhejiang Le Frog Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating pump scientific research, design, production and sales. The company has always been committed to the innovation of technology and management. In the comprehensive market demand, it has developed pumps for industrial and mining enterprises, construction sites, urban water supply, farmland irrigation and drainage, high-rise building water supply, fire protection industry water treatment, sewage treatment and other industries.

    The company's leading products are: well submersible pump SDM series, SD series, V series, 100QJ, QJD, 175QJ series stainless steel deep well pump, QXD, QD series small submersible pump, QY series oil immersion pump, QXN series built-in submersible Pump, Q(D)X series engineering submersible pump, WQD, WQ series sewage sewage submersible pump, WZB series self-priming pump, IRG, ISG, SGR, SG, ISW series pipeline pump, QGD series screw submersible pump, WQAS series cutting sewage sewage submersible pump, miniature electric pump (JET series, JSW series, CP series, SCM series, QB series, pipeline pump and water pump various accessories. The company has strong technical force, complete quality management system And quality control system, strict quality inspection methods and perfect testing equipment ensure the high quality of product production.

      WQP series stainless steel non-blocking sewage pump is a new generation of pump products developed on the basis of introducing foreign advanced technology and combining the characteristics of domestic water pumps. It has remarkable energy saving effect, anti-winding, no clogging, automatic installation and automatic control, etc. Features. It has a unique effect in discharging solid particles and long-fiber waste.

      The stainless steel non-blocking sewage pump uses a unique impeller structure and a new mechanical seal. The small submersible pump can effectively transport solids and long fibers. Compared with the conventional impeller, the impeller is in the form of a single flow channel or a double flow channel. It is similar to a curved pipe of the same cross-section. It has very good over-flow and is equipped with a reasonable volute to make the pump efficient. High and impeller dynamic and static balance test, so that the pump has no vibration during operation.


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