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The submersible pump itself and the pump station with the submersible pump have many advantages.

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Small submersible electric pump 1. Development of large and medium submersible electric pump Large and medium submersible electric pump has the outstanding advantages of simplifying pump structure and saving investment in pump station construction, generally reducing the cost by 40% to 60% and shortening the construction period by 1/2 to 2/3. . Therefore, it will be more and more widely used in municipal, industrial and mining, environmental protection and industrial and agricultural water supply and drainage. It is expected that demand will be larger in the future.

2. Development of multi-functional multi-purpose submersible pumps The form of submersible electric pumps in China is not enough compared with the products of famous foreign submersible pump manufacturers, such as pumps with cutting devices, multi-stage pumps, and pumping corrosive media. Submersible electric pumps and other production are still few, but the demand in the market is very large, so it has a good development prospect.

3. Development of high-reliability mechanical seals Mechanical seals are a key part of submersible pumps. Two single-end mechanical seals are used so that the pressure of the medium can be applied to the end faces and the leakage direction is inflow. These are advantageous, but the structure A little more complicated. The double-face mechanical seal is installed in the oil chamber, and the end faces on both sides should adopt different structural types, so that the pressure of the medium can be applied to the lower end face. Otherwise, only the spring force is applied, and the reverse thrust of the sealing end face is easy to open the end face. Therefore, research should be further carried out on structures and materials to improve their reliability and longevity.

4. Small submersible electric pump new materials, new technology, new technology, etc. will gradually apply ordinary pumps, stainless steel, fluoroplastic (F46), lining plastic, rubber lining, spray ceramics, etc., all of which should be applied to the submersible pump as soon as possible. Expand the application area of submersible pumps. The application of new technologies and new processes such as computer-aided design, auxiliary manufacturing and auxiliary testing is also imperative. Facts have proved that the application of new technologies, new materials and new processes not only liberates labor productivity, but also ensures that product quality is stable and reliable.

5. Pay attention to the appearance quality of submersible pumps and gradually enter the international market. China's submersible pumps have obvious price competitive advantages in the international market, but must pay attention to improve the reliability and life of electric pumps, especially to improve submersible pumps. The appearance quality should give the user a beautiful feeling, so that the domestic submersible pump can enter the international market as soon as possible.


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