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Le frog deep well pump instructions

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Zhejiang Le Frog Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating pump scientific research, design, production and sales. The company has always been committed to the innovation of technology and management. In the comprehensive market demand, it has developed pumps for industrial and mining enterprises, construction sites, urban water supply, farmland irrigation and drainage, high-rise building water supply, fire protection industry water treatment, sewage treatment and other industries.

1. The deep well pump should be used in a clear water source with a sand content of less than 0.01%. The pump room is equipped with a pre-water tank, and the capacity should meet the amount of pre-run water required for one start.

2. The newly installed or overhauled deep well pump shall adjust the clearance between the pump casing and the impeller, and the impeller shall not rub against the casing during operation.

3. The deep well pump should be pre-cooled into the shaft and bearing housing before operation.

4. Before starting the deep well pump, it should be checked and confirmed:

(1) The base bolts of the base are fastened;

(2) The axial clearance meets the requirements, and the safety nut of the adjusting bolt is installed;

(3) The packing gland has been tightened and lubricated;

(4) The motor bearing is lubricated;

 (5) Rotating the rotor and the stop mechanism of the motor by hand are flexible and effective.

 5. The deep well pump shall not idling without water. The first and second impellers of the pump should be immersed in the water level below 1 m. The change of water level in the well should be observed frequently during operation.

 6. During operation, when there is a large vibration around the foundation, check the wear of the pump bearing or motor packing; when there is too much wear and water leakage, replace the new parts.

 7. The deep well pump containing mud sand has been sucked and drained, and rinsed with clean water before stopping the pump.

 8. Before stopping the pump, first close the water outlet valve, cut off the power supply, and lock the switch box. When the winter is deactivated, the water in the pump should be drained.


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