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1WZB Air conditioning pump fully automatic

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1WZB Air conditioning pump fully automatic


Product overview:

The flow switch opening and closing range is small, small im pact by external impact, high precision, but also the use of high-end chip integration ano height, strong anti-infection ability, environmental protection and energy saving,impeller for centrifugal structure, fully reduce noise, to provide users with a quiet and peaceful work ting or living environment.

Product use:

The series of electric pumps small size, light weight. compact structure, easy to install, is an energy-efficient, hygienic, safe ideal home electric pi ump, widely used in farmland irrigation, irrigation, garden irrigation, vegetable shed water su pply and aquaculture water supply and drainage, as well as wells with water tap water pressure i and other domestic water use.

Conditions of use:

The electric pump should work continuously under the following conditions of use;

1.the transport medium temperature does not exceed 0-100 degrees C;

2.the MEDIA PH value between 6.5-8.5;

3.solid impurities volume ratio does not exceed 0.1%,particle size is not greater than 0.2 mm;

4.the power supply frequency is 50Hz, the voltage is single-phase AC 220V,three-phase Ao380V. Voltage fluctuations range from 0.9-1.1 times the rating;

5.when the temperature is below 0 degrees C,should do of antifreeze work, when not using need open the bottom of the pump body waterproof screws, drain the pump body water, protecting from freezing the pump body;

Note:Automatic before use. It is important to ensure that the tube is not leaking.


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