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WQDX Stainless steel sewage submersible electric pump

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WQDX Stainless steel sewage submersible electric pump


Product overview:

WQDX sewage submersible pump also said that will not clog the pump, by the pump, seal and motor three parts, the motor is located in the upper part of the electric pump,for single-phase or three-phase asynchronous motor, the pump is located in the lower part of the motor impeller for multi-blade rotary structure, impeller and vortex bottom has a spacious passage, can enter any inhale debris. The water pump and the motor are sealed by hard wear-resistant machinery, and the "O"-shaped oil-resistant rubber seals are used for static sealing at each fixed stop.

Due to the extremely spacious flowway space between the impeller and the vortex, the intense vortex generated by the impeller rotation can send solid particles from the medium directly out of the vortex shell without contact with the impeller, greatly reducing wear.

Product use:

This product is suitable for

1: Waste water discharge from factories, shopping malls, hospitals and hotels

2:Residential areas, parking lots, municipal sewage, rainwate r sewage treatment plants livestock farms and other sewage discharge

3: Construction sites,mines, power plants containing suspended so blid particles or hard particles of sediment water, gray water pumped to other occasions of water supply and drainage

Conditions of use:

The electric pump should work continuously under the following conditions of use:

1.water temperature 0-40 degrees C;

2.the media's PH value is between 4-10;

3.the density of the medium does not exceed 1.2x103kg/m3; voltage: single phase of 220Vthree-phase of 380V,frequency of 50Hzvoltage fluctuation range of 0.9-1.1 times the rated value;

Note: Automatic before use. It is important to ensure that the tube is not leaking.


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