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QDX Single-phase stainless steel submersible pump

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QDX Single-phase stainless steel submersible pump


Product overview:

QDX single-phase stainless steel submersible electric pump, by the pump, seal, motor three parts. Electric pump built-in protection device the motor is located in the upper part of the electric pump, for single-phase or three-phase asynchronous motor the pump is located in the lower part of the motor for centrifugal impellers, snail shell mechanism, the pump and the motor between the use of two-sided mechanical seal, each fixed stop seal using "O"-shaped oil-resistant rubber seal for static seal.

Product use:

The series of electric pumps small size,light weight,compact structure, easy to install, is an energy-efficient,hygienic,safe ideal home electric pumpwidely used in farmland irrigation irrigation, garden irrigation,vegetable shed water supply and aquaculture water supply and drainage, as well as wells with water,tap water pressure and other domestic water use.

Conditions of use:

The electric pump should work continuously under the following conditions of use:

1. the transport medium temperature does not exceed 40 degrees C;

2. the MEDIA PH value between 6.5-8.5;

3. solid impurities volume ratio does not exceed 0.1%;

4. diving depth of no more than 5m;

5. pump intelligent pumping water;

Note: Automatic before use.It is important to ensure that the tube is not leaking.


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