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WQ(D)J Stainless steel barrel cut submersible electric pump

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WQ(D)J Stainless steel barrel cut submersible electric pump


Product overview:

WQ(D)J stainless steel cutting electric pump is a pump-type structure below the motor and pump power drainage equipment. Its impeller has a spiral structure and sharp knife designin order to ensure that the line can surpass similar products at the same time but also has cutting capacity. Ensure the superior cutting performance of straw, cotton,cloth, baby urine and other waste after chopping.

WQ(D)J for stainless steel barrel cutting sewage pump, stainless steel barrel without lead, acid and alkali resistance corrosion resistanceno osmosis, will not cause pollution to water quality durable, healthy and environmental protection: High-strength threaded alloy steel blade impeller high-efficiency cutting and crushingstrong wear resistance.

Product use:

The series of electric pumps are widely us ed in municipal sewage treatment, construction underground garages, sewage lifting, animal husbandry and other places of sewage discharge.

Conditions of use:The electric pump should work continuously under the following conditions of use:

1. the transport medium temperature does not excee d 40 degrees C;

2. the media's PH value is between 4-10;

3. the electric pump should be used within the scope of the specified head;

4. the electric pump should be completely immersec d in water to use, diving depth of no more than 5m, but not into the mud;

5. the power supply frequency is three-phase 50HZ, the voltage is 380V, the voltage fluctuation range is 0.9-1.1 times the rated value;

Note: Automatic before use. It is important to ensu r'e that the tube is not leaking.



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